Week Two, Bean One


A whole bunch of Nanoloop 2.1, a chopped up drum loop and a smattering of airsynth.  Water well and green shoots should appear in a couple of weeks with flowers by Spring.


4 thoughts on “Week Two, Bean One

    • Hello listener. Is that a good idea? If I gave away full details and everyone starting creating their own magic music beans and planting them, then I am concerned that the ensuing beanstalk action could get us into some very big trouble with The Giants.

  1. Well, Jack would have climbed the beanstalks, nicked the musical honeypots and slain the giants (though thinking about it, it would have been the giants’ precipitous actions in chasing him back down said pulse-stems that would have resulted in their demise, with the somewhat desperate assistance of an axe).

    Which is to say, I think, keep planting – these are beautiful – and enjoy the honey, but keep the axe to hand. Oh, and buy back the cow you had to sell for the beans when you get the chance, as it wasn’t the cow’s fault, and it gives good milk, and everything blooms in the end…

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