Nautical Automaton – Music Bean 50

Fifty music beans later and I’m still at it!

Today, Nautical Automaton, a track from my forthcoming album – Heavy Lextricity. It features Simon Hughes (Vatican Cellars) on lead vocals and Steve Puddle (datapuddle) on backing vox. Marc and Si from datapuddle also played a bit of drums ‘n’ bass. Music player above. Videobean below. Choose your weapon.

3 thoughts on “Nautical Automaton – Music Bean 50

  1. Hi there,
    It’s a great and promising track,
    It has that sort of “Ritornello” electro gimmick which makes it work and vibrating over and over and thus almost makes the listening experience “too short” actually ;-).

  2. nice one to all beans concerned! I would be tempted to make the vocals get bigger as it develops… layering them up into a simonorchestra section…


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