Yonks 6

The second track from Yonks Marluk, the second EP from me and Matt.
Robot with a hat from Zora.


Are the music beans back?

That is a good question.

I’ve posted a couple of new tracks over the last few days. Both here if you missed them:

Where have you bean

Volume 1 of music beans was 150-odd tracks of musical meanderings that I composed as aural accompaniments to the work of a range of visual artists and/or vice-versa. Some of those artists came and went and some of my faves stuck around. If you want to snack on some beans then a click on the Random Music Bean button on the menu bar is as good as any place to start, or enter the Beanplayer if you dare – enough music beans to see you through three hours. If you prefer a more physical product then I’ve still got some of my handcrafted BeanBags available.

Then I paused. I’ve put up a few tracks now and then and I’ve been working on new datapuddle tunes and the Yonks project with Matt Stevens.

Which brings us to Volume 2 and the future of the music bean. I recently acquired a great little Chimera BC6 synth and meddling with that, a Korg Monotron and an interesting tuning involving two capos that my acoustic guitar has been stuck in for a while, informed the two latest tracks. I’ve been playing around with a bunch of apps on the iPod Touch recently too. As you may have noted, I have been particularly partial to the various flavours of Nanoloop and the iVersion is equally as wonderful and costs less than a couple of quid! So, lots of ideas floating around.

The plan with Volume 1 was to try and create and post something new every day. As an artistic experiment that was great, but some greater (and possibly not so great) minds have fairly suggested that people just couldn’t keep up. Their loss I say! However, the new rule for Volume 2 is that I won’t post a new track until the previous one has had at least 25 plays and I reserve the right to adjust that number as I see fit. After all, it’s my rule!

When a track reaches 150 plays, de1bert may even get a new film.

Feed your eyes and ears people!