Billow – Music Bean 109


Seahorse Race – Music Bean 87

Warning: Giant music bean. This one really may break your ears/brain/speakers.
It is a live piece played on Airsynth, various percussion, toy megaphone, Stylophone beatbox and acoustic mandolin, all through a Jamman looper.
The SoundCloud player has a taster of the track.

If you require the full experience, then use the player below.

Nautical Automaton – Music Bean 50

Fifty music beans later and I’m still at it!

Today, Nautical Automaton, a track from my forthcoming album – Heavy Lextricity. It features Simon Hughes (Vatican Cellars) on lead vocals and Steve Puddle (datapuddle) on backing vox. Marc and Si from datapuddle also played a bit of drums ‘n’ bass. Music player above. Videobean below. Choose your weapon.