Power Supplied

This is the first weekly release from Lextrical’s singles club.

A-side – Power Supplied (9V Mix). Featuring Jessica Grace.
Original version appeared on Heavy Lextricity.
“Solar panel suit, absorb the light, transform my love”. Robots by Zora Mae.

B-side – Galar. Instrumental acousti-synth-beat-noodle.

Some Beanspeak / Lunchbox D / Ele-bot

You may have noticed the fresh lick of paint to old beanblog. I’m particularly partial to the Random Music Bean button – an “I’m feeling incredibly lucky indeed” feature for music bean aficionados or complete beginners. The new background is a wonderful artwork by @ponor that me and Mr Matt Stevens (a.k.a. Yonks) are planning to use as the inspiration for the fourth Yonks EP. Yonks Alpha is at large already and has gained a couple of good reviews, Yonks Marluk is currently awaiting release and we accidentally recorded much of the third Yonks EP while trying (and failing) to create something else entirely! Anyhow enough banter, a tune and a pic are in order. If you are ever in Camden Town around midday then I heartily recommend Lunchbox D from Sushi Waka on Parkway. And yes. that is an robot dressed up as an elephant.

Cir-cuit EP – Music Bean 149

New EP of three tracks inspired by Zora Mae’s illustrations. It includes a brand new remix of Electromagnetism and sonically enhanced versions of Cir-cuit and Balancing Act. EP player below the pic or download a copy.

The player for the entire EP. The pay-what-you-want download includes Zora’s artwork for all three tracks.